Darkha School

 The Ganesh Himal Primary School.  Here it is without roof or cemented walls.  Up to date the roof is finished but the cement for the walls will have to wait until the Fall, once the monsoon has passed.

 We were thinking of painting the wooden doors and windows but since it is not commonly done with other buildings in the village we opted for a dark stain instead.  All the wood work was milled by hand on site, absolutely no power tools. 

 This is Ram Chandra, a native to Darkha now working as a trekking guide for Rajan's company, Earthbound Expeditions. 

One of the younger crew members helping to clear out the left-over stone from inside. 

On the left is Pratap, one of the two project managers.  He was supervising all the work and keeping track of daily hours and pay, recording everything in detail in a huge leger book that he always kept with him.  The other man is another guy from our crew, taking a break to let the hired dozer do some work. 

Top view of the building, just before the tin roof went on.  The beam is in place here, and the blue tarps were to protect the exposed walls from possible rain.  Also this is the amazing view from Darkha!  The river below is going in the same direction that we would go to get back to Dhading, the nearest city. 

One of the folks living in the lower part of the village.

Basically how all the trails look in Darkha.  Stone steps climbing up into the clouds! 

An old woman with eye trouble that my mom was trying to help. 

Local family.

Tin roof going on.

The day of our opening ceremony. 

The official ribbon-cutting ceremony! 

Excited kids always fascinated by photographs, looking for themselves and friends.

Our good friend and partner Rajan Simkhada, owner of the trekking company Earthbound Expeditions.  Born and raised in Darkha, he is our link to the community.

General overview of the surrounding landscape.  Darkha is on the far ridge toward the left side.