Here is a quick list of how much money it takes to buy some essential items relevant to our work in Nepal.  We are hoping to soon use this as a donation key for people to adjust how much they would like to donate, and so it can be known how far even a small donation can go.

U.S. Dollars:                                     What it can buy:
10.00                                               Students Supplies: pencils, paper, workbook, school uniform

20.00                                               Set of books for one classroom

50.00                                               Chalkboard and teacher supplies

50.00                                               One treadle sewing machine for future women's cooperative

600.00                                             One year teacher salary

1,500.00                                          Cost to build one room school house in rural village

1,500.00                                          One year expenses for one student in secondary school, all-inclusive

6,000.00                                          Cost to build a four-room school building in rural village

1,000.00                                          Support of an existing school including supplies and salaries

* a person can have a decent meal of rice, lentils, bread, and tea for about a dollar.