This is a message for people interested in donating money for a scholarship.  A description of the orphanage and information about it can be found below.

Buddhist Child Home Scholarship Fund for Sapana, Susmita, Sudip and Sarita: We have many people interested in joining us in supporting and raising funds for four exceptional teenagers who have spent their lives growing up in BCH Orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal.  
According to Durga Manali, the director who Don and Jan have met with in Kathmandu, the four students need to attend a one year boarding school to meet their long-term professional goals. One wants to be a teacher, one a doctor, one a nurse and one a pilot.They have completed their primary education grades and are now ready to attend “SCL”- sort of like our high school grades, which is always in a boarding school in Nepal. The fees of $1,500 for the year cover tuition, room and board, including meals, “tiffins (snacks)”, uniforms, books and materials and “education excursion charge.”
They would attend boarding school for one year and then attend “higher education” which would be in the area of their profession, such as Science, Humanities, Nursing, etc. We are currently looking into which boarding school the children will attend and the name and contact information for the school. It is our intention that donors can contact and write to the students to keep in touch with their progress and offer moral support to the children as they venture off on their own from the orphanage they have known their entire lives.  
We thank those joining us in helping to make a bright future for these worthy young adults. They are mature beyond their years, intelligent, and eager to help their country progress forward. Checks can be made to: HANDS in Nepal. Please note on your check that it is for the “BCH Ed. Fund”. All contributions are tax deductable. We will keep a running total on this page of contributions and date received. Since it is difficult to pick only “1” child from the four, we hope to raise enough for all four children to attend boarding school. We have high hopes! Already, in the short time we’ve started this effort, we’ve had three people make contributions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our email addresses, which are posted on the HANDS in Nepal web page (www.handsinnepal.org) Namaste and many thank you’s from the heart for your help! Danny, Don and Jan

Up to date we have had 3 donations with hopeful prospects for more on the way.

May - $300.00
July - $500.00
August - $60.00
August 22 - $100.00
October 10 - $200.00
Current Total:

The Buddhist Child Home (BCH) orphanage is the reason I first came to Nepal.  I had been searching for volunteer opportunities and was reccommended to this place.  Definitely a perfect match.  I had an amazing experience and was so moved by the attitudes, intelligence, and level of maturity of these children, ranging from 1 to 16-years-old, that I promised to do something more to help them out.  When I left from that first trip I really wasn't sure wether or not the opportunity would come for me to return again, but alas I was back the next summer and within the first few days upon arrival made a surprise visit to BCH and shocked all 55 kids there who were thrilled to see me again, coming back now with more companions and gifts.  Now for the third year in a row I made my visit and this time we decided to again step things up and do more for these impressive little humans.  While my dad was visiting for about a month we were able to take care of some much needed maintenance, like putting screens on their dorm windows and a guard rail on the funky old steel slide.  We also got all the information on the amount of money that the owners of BCH have to spend annually, per child, and for the rent and maintenance of their compound.  Most importantly we got information on how much it would cost to send the older students on to higher education.  There are about 5 kids, 2 girls and 3 boys, who are approaching 17 years of age and will soon need to move on to a more fitting environment.  Being an orphan in Nepal is considered lower than the lowest class in society so they will need as much support and sponsorship as they can get.  They are worth it!

We are looking for scholarship sponsors for the two girls who want to attend med school and become nurses.  I will have to do some fact checking with my fathers notes but I remember it being somewhere around $1000 per year to send one student to a Nepali university.

When my mom arrived for her visit to Nepal we decided to take the kids on a field trip.  We rented a bus for the day and arranged for about 25 of the older children to come along on a picnic outing to visit a gigantic Shiva statue that was just being opened in a far off part of Kathmandu.  We had the most amazing trip and were again blown away by how well-mannered and organized and relatively calm the children remained for the duration.  They were all thrilled to be going out somewhere and loved every minute of it.  After exploring the gigantic statue and surrounding area we made our way back to the bus and then back down into the country side where we found a road side restaurant to eat at.  We ordered 30 plates of chowmein!  It took a long time for the food to be prepared so the kids got a chance to play and goof off in the spacious garden while the adults talked and sipped tea.  The whole excursion lasted about 5 hours and when we returned to the BCH compound the kids who were left behind showed no signs of being left out but rather wanted to know all about it and were as excited to hear about the fun as they would've been to experience it themselves.  I get a lot of inspiration from these humble and high-spirited little kids.

This is Durga Manali, the founder of BCH and "mommy" of all 55 children.

The girl in the green shirt is one of the two girls in need of a scholarship for med school.

The girl sitting on the left is the other girl looking for sponsorship.