Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another Update on Another School

Dear All;

Recently our main man in Nepal, Rajan Simkhada (, sent us a photo update of our first school in Darkha. The work to finish the details, such as concrete, furnishings, and toilets, took a fairly long time but all quite worth it as you will see, it is looking beautiful!!! We are so proud to have completed this school, but of course there will be an on-going amount of work revolving around this building, as maintenance and upkeep go, and little niceties like paintings, maybe a mural on an outer wall, and of course the internal development of curriculum's, workshops, and training programs.

Bree and I are spending the day in a coffee shop. It is hailing here in Boulder, on the verge of snow we think, and so we retreat to the warm indoors and she writes letters while I type away answering e-mails, researching organizations in Nepal, and keeping up on this blog and a little work on our new up and coming website. While looking for something to listen to on youtube I happened across an incredible video. It is by a band called The Walkmen, who I have been listening to and loving for a long while, yet never did I expect them to have a music video like the one I came across. All filmed in Nepal, little children dancing in a Himalyan landscape!! Amazing!! I looked up the person who made the film and found out that its a French Artist who has spent many years living in Nepal, even has opened a sandwich shop and a tattoo shop there! His name is Bruno Levy. I sent him an e-mail thanking him for making such an awesome film, and also asking if we could meet.

Check this out...

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