Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Starting our Second School

Dear All;

We have recently been coordinating the start of a new school in the village of Fulkharka, just a ways up the mountain from Darkha. This is a project that we were recruited for. A family in Minnesota contacted us about fulfilling a promise they had made to a Nepali trekking guide they had met 7 years prior. He had explained the desperate situation for schools and education in Nepal and the family agreed it was worth following up on. The Nepali man had heard about us working in Darkha and had even seen the work progressing, being only a 4-hour hike from his own village, the news spread quickly. He recommended to this family in Minnesota that they contact us about coordinating the work for them. We were contacted and began a dialogue with the Minnesotan family about how the work would go and the time-line and budget. We then contacted the Nepali man and had our own Nepali representative go to meet with him and see if we were on common ground. Direct contact was established and reliability was confirmed so we decided to proceed. Now we have a monthly payment plan set up and an outline of the work to come. It will follow a similar model as the school in Darkha, with some added difficulties mainly in the transportation of materials since it is much further away than Darkha. This area of Nepal, as in any rural, remote areas in Nepal is at high-risk for child-trafficking scandals. We feel strongly that by providing more facilities like school's that are designed with proper latrines so girls can always attend we are making a huge impact. The less reasons families have to send their children off to the city with seemingly well-intentioned men, the better chance the children have to grow and flourish in their own communities.

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