Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Losar!

Tashi Delek Everyone!

It is the week of the Tibetan New Year festival called Losar, on the Tibetan calendar it is now the year 2138, the metal rabbit year. This morning my girlfriend Bree and I put on a fund raiser at a local Boulder restaurant called Aji. We had been planning it out for a while now and we're quite happy with the way it turned out. It is an annual event that happens for the non-profit organization that our friend and soon-to-be colleague Debbie Young started some 30 years ago, the AACC, Americas Association for the Care of Children, working to build schools and implement educational programs in Nicaragua. This year since Debbie is on sabbatical and off traveling the world she left it in our hands to hold the event. She made it sound so easy, as if all we had to do was take the wheel and drive for a bit. But we found that with Debbie gone so also went many connections with people who may have come to the event. We e-mailed, we telephoned, we even did a bit of canvassing, but all in all people weren't at all eager to spend $30 on a ticket for a morning of listening to talks about Nepal and Nicaragua and the severity of life there. But alas we were able to eventually gather up a nice bundle of people who were really generous and supportive to us. We had a very successful morning and everything went fairly smooth.

Jan has also been on the fund-raising work recently and was the speaker at an AAUW women's group meeting at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA last week. She sent me pictures and called before and after to keep me posted on the details. It was a success on all accounts and she says also a very emotional experience, speaking about the importance of women's education to this room full of dedicated, hard-working and concerned women. Many tears were shed from full hearts and many connections made with amazing groups of people.

Now we count the days until mine and Bree's departure on April 16th. We have received news from our Nepali friend Bhupendra whose village we are being sponsored to build our second school in and he informs us that the land on which the school will be built has now been flattened and is ready for construction to begin. Good news, very exciting, its going to be a good year.

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