Saturday, January 8, 2011

News Update

Dear Readers:

For the year 2011 (that is 2068 in Nepal, working on their own calendar) HANDS in Nepal is undergoing some huge changes and plans that will shape the work to come. During this upcoming semester Danny will be cutting classes back to half-time to allow for more freedom to organize, plan, and write grants for HANDS. As it turns out one of the two classes he is going to be in will be an independent studies with Naropa professor Debbie Young. She is setting up a syllabus for him that surrounds issues in NGO work, community development, and PAR, Preparatory Action Research. In April Danny will be making a trip with Debbie to the site of our first school in Darkha, Nepal.

Jan and Danny have recently been meeting and were delivered some exciting news while together in Boulder. A friend of HANDS in Minnesota is going to contribute a hefty sum to have us begin a school in a village they know of that is quite close to Darkha.

Jan will also be working to learn about and organize a new branch of HANDS in Nepal, she wishes to call it Hearts in Nepal and wants to focus on the women's issues that may be present.

An article has been published in the latest New Times about our upcoming work and continued progress, it can be checked out at the following link;