Saturday, August 21, 2010

Itemized Price List

Here is a list of items still needed for the school and how much they cost, as well as the cost of other things not physically attached to the school. If you would like to buy an item for the school or donate money for another one of the causes then please write out a check to "HANDS in Nepal" and send it to:

HANDS in Nepal
PO Box 738
Santa Margarita, CA 93453

Please write a note with the check stating what the money will go towards.

At this point we need 18 table-benches (a long bench with an attached, raised table made of iron and wood) to furnish the 3 classrooms. We also need cabinets for storage in the teacher's room. Each room will need a black board which will be made out of cement. You can also sponsor a student for meals and books, as well as help pay one of our teachers who is not receiving a full-time salary.

Price List:
Appreciation and thanks to our friends in Singapore!

A huge thank you to the Bauer family for securing enough money for a bathroom facility!

bench-table......... $30 (13 remaining)
Jaun Yong
Xu Zhi Heng
Ayden Loke
Adam & Amily
Brenda Choo

blackboard.......... $25 (2 remaining)
Celestine Lim

storage cabinets......... $20 (2 remaining)
Irene Oh

student's materials......... $20 (82 students in total)

teacher salary...... $30 per month (One year salary donated by Sam and Tahira of Atascadero)

*I will update this and re-post it regularly with any necessary changes. And I would also like to add that we will be including the donors name on the object they purchase and we could also dedicate it with someone else's name if one is so inclined, just be sure to note that. We will also be trying to get pictures back to the people who paid for the item, but that may take time.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Expense Analysis

Here is an update with some figures on the expenses that went into the school building.  Now that I am home I hope to soon write a synopsis of the work and include many details about the decisions we made and why we made them, and just basically a more thorough and specific explanation of the process we went through to build this school.  Since I've been home I've had many interesting questions come at me about the project and its made me realize that I need to step out of the first-hand, personal standpoint and look at everything a little more objectively so as to be able to answer the questions concerning the larger picture and finer points.  So for now I offer a quick summary of our general expenses and our estimated projected expenses for things yet to come.  

Expense Analysis: 
Laborers earned 170 rupees a day ($2.50) (*there were about 10 laborers)
Carpenters earned 300 rupees a day ($4.00) (*an average Nepali salary is $1.00 a day)
Supervisor earned 300 rupees a day ($4.00)
Total Labor cost:  $3,328.00 (*this is for around 3 months of work)

Backhoe was 60,000 rupees ($833.00) (*for fuel and operator, about 5 days in total)
Tin roof was 81,226 rupees ($1,128.00) (*85 pieces of tin, 10 more still needed)
Cement for walls 6,000 rupees ($100.00) (*only for part of the total amount needed)
TOTAL at this point: $5,895.00 (424,435 rupees)


Projected Expenses:
Retaining wall behind school: $250.00
Building toilets: $100.00
10-sheets of tin: $140.00
Cupboard and blackboard: $50.00
Desks and Chairs: $300.00
Second teacher salary: $30.00 per month
Plaster walls in and out: $600.00
Projected TOTAL: $1500.00

$355.00 still remain with our partner Rajan in Nepal, left over from the last order we sent him.  And we hope to get about a half-refund on the money spent for the backhoe, which is supposed to be paid for by the government but there is no reassurance there.  There were other small expenses that added up and accounted for the extra spending in the totals that I will look into.

The school will be opening for use sometime in September.  There are three things that need to be finished before it is ready;  a separated toilet needs to be built, the walls and floor need to be cemented, and desks and chairs need to be provided.  It is entirely possible for us to arrange for these things to happen from the U.S.  We just have to work through our partner Rajan and he will send any of his 3 or 4 trekking guides who were involved with our project to oversee the transportation of materials and the quick and timely completion of the jobs they will be used for.  

We are offering to put names of donors on desks and chairs for anyone who would like to buy one for the school.  Could be a great potential birthday gift for a loved one or a friend who is fond of education.  We will write a simple dedication to the person whose name would like to be honored, and also send a school card with information and if possible a photograph.  Desks, chairs, blackboards, cabinets, are all available for adoption and dedication.  

If anyone is interested in buying a chair, desk, or other supplies for the school please contact myself or my mom Jan by sending an e-mail to: 

Here is a rough estimated price list:
Desk: $30.00
Chair: $25.00
Blackboard: $30.00

I will re-edit this price list again as soon as I get word of the actual price and style of furnishings we will go with.