Friday, July 9, 2010

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Right now I'm sitting here in a Berlin flat, the corner window looking down onto a busy European street with a flow of people coming up out of a subway station, U-bahn as its called in German, and plenty of bicyclers and walkers. It is the late evening but still very sunny out and very hot. In the summer time in this part of Germany, the Northern part, there are only about 6 hours of darkness. In the winter time its unfortunately the oppositte, only 6 hours or so of sunlight, very depressing. These days the sun sets around 9:30pm and rises again about 3:30am, of course even after the sun sets there is still about 2 hours of light left so its really not getting dark until around 11:30. It took a while to get used to this but now my clock is adjusted. Because of how hot it is in the day time most people wake up late and go out in the evening, and stay out all night. Its cool and strange to be out walking around and using buses at 2am.

Berlin is an incredible city, I really love it. Its enormous and diverse, and yesterday I found out that on top of all the cool typical European city things one comes across in a place like this, Berlin is also known for having huge and beautiful parks scattered about. My friends invited me to come along to play some soccer, football I should say, in one nearby park yesterday evening and I was blown away by its size. It was enormous, and very quiet and secluded though it is only a ten minute walk from the flat where I'm staying. Dense forests, little ponds and streams, bike paths, and very few people around, a great contrast to the bustle of the city. I wish all cities were like that.

I think I will make a side page about the trip I'm doing around Eastern Europe, but I really wanted to point out for anybody still following this blog that I have uploaded a lot of pictures now. On the side bar to the right are a few different pages and at the bottom of each of them are some nice pictures to help visualize how everything I've been writing about actually looks. The one side page titled "photo gallery" is nothing but pictures of the school and the village of Darkha.